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<p>The word &quot; Long Ba Bu in the sky&quot;<a href="" title="cheap" target="wholesale">nike free run</a> proceeds from Buddhist sutra.Many Mahayana Buddhist sutras describe a Buddha to various<br>
Parlances, such as bodhisattva and buddhist monk...etc., often have a sky, Long Ba Bu's participation listens to a method.Such as 《method China through<br>
·lift an old woman to reach many articles 》:&quot;Long Ba Bu in the sky, person and non- persons, all the Yao sees that the dragon female becoming<br>
Buddha&quot;.&quot;Non- person&quot; is a facial look person but physically isn't the person's myriad living things.&quot;Long Ba Bu in the sky&quot;<br>
Is all &quot;non- person&quot;, include eight kinds of Shinto monsters, because of take&quot;sky&quot; and&quot;dragon&quot; as<br>
Head, so be called &quot;Long Ba Bu in the sky&quot;.Eight, a day, two dragons, three night fork,<br>
Four Gans reach an old woman, five fix Luo, six Jia building Luo, seven tight that Luo, eight Mos shout Luo Jia.<br>
&quot;Sky&quot; means celestial spirits.In the Buddhism, the position of celestial spirits doesn't go to high highest,<br>
Only can enjoy larger and more long-last blessing report than the person just.The Buddhism thinks a<br>
Slicing thing is impermanent, the life span of the celestial spirits at last after, also have to be dead.The celestial spirits is in the article of death<br>
Before have five kinds of symptoms:The clothes dirt gets fed up with, head last flower Wei and body smelly Hui and armpit sweat<br>
, Don't enjoy this(the fifth symptom or say to is &quot;the pretty girl is long-lost&quot;), this be<br>
Calling &quot;nature and man five Shuais&quot; is the woe of biggest celestial spirits.Emperor's releasing is many leaders of celestial spiritses.<br>
&quot;Dragon&quot; means Long Shen.The dragon in the Buddhist sutra, and our country the legendary dragon is mostly bad<br>
Not much, however there are no feet, the sometimes big boa is also called a dragon.In fact, Chinese<br>
To the idea of the dragon and Long Wang, mainly come from the Buddhist sutra.Have five the dragon the king in Buddhist sutra,<br>
Seven the dragons are king, eight dragon etc. king's names.The thou Indian is a high regard very much to the dragon, think water<br>
Medium living creature the energy of dragon is <a href="" title="cheap" target="wholesale">nike run 5.0</a> the biggest, consequently lofty to character person your respectful name BE&quot;dragon<br>
Elephant&quot;, like&quot;the west comes to Long Xiang&quot;, that means from west come of monk of high renown.Thou Indian with<br>
For rain is a dragon to take water but spread the human life from the ocean.The Chinese also accepted this kind of<br>
Parlance, the Li originally and up notes several dragons to take water and means the amount of this year's volume of rain.Long Wang<br>
Is medium, there is one being called sand Jie Luo, Long Wang, , his take care of the young the female arrive Gautama at the age of 8<br>
The parlance works properly Jiu before the mountain and turn into a male body, ready-made Buddha it is mutually.When she becomes Buddha, BE<br>
Long Ba Bu in the sky see.<br>
&quot;Night fork&quot; is a kind of ghost absolute being in the Buddhist sutra, have &quot;night fork eight great commanders&quot;, &quot;16<br>
Big night fork will&quot;wait word.&quot;Night fork&quot; of original meaning is the absolute being that edibles ghost, and then is nimble,<br>
Brave Jian, lightly work properly, secret etc. meaning.《Wei Mo through 》 notes:&quot;Shi Yue:'The night fork has three<br>
Grow:A, in the ground, two, in the emptiness, three, sky night the fork is also.'&quot;We say now<br>
Arrive &quot;night fork&quot; to all mean devil.But in the Buddhist sutra, have many night forks is okay, night<br>
The task of fork eight great commanders is &quot;maintenance myriad living things field&quot;.<br>
&quot;The Gan reaches an old woman&quot; is 1 kind don't drink wine meat and to look for aroma as nourishing absolute being, BE<br>
Serve an emperor to release of enjoy one of the absolute beings, send out the aroma of thick Lie on the body.&quot;The Gan reaches an old woman&quot; is in the Fan<br>
Is again &quot;changeable&quot; meaning in the language, the magician also calls &quot;the Gan reaches an old woman&quot;, sea City<br>
The mirage is called &quot;the Gan reaches old woman city&quot;.Aroma and music are ambiguously all dimly discernible, and is hard to catch to touch.<br>
Shinto in&quot;fix Luo&quot; is very special, the male is the most ugly, while the female is prettiest<br>
It is beautiful.Fix Luo's king rate department <a href="" title="cheap" target="wholesale">nike shoes</a> and emperor usually release combat, because of fix Luo to have beauty but have no<br>
Fine food, the emperor releases a delicacies but has no beauty, the mutual jealousy loots and has terrific fight each time,<br>
Always beat turn everything upside down.We often call cruelly the bombing, corpse is horizontal all over the place big battlefield<br>
For&quot;fix Luo's field&quot;, it is from here and since then.The result of war, fix Luo's king to usually beat<br>
Hurt, once he greatly after hurting, the God was next, could escape without the place, hence incarnation Qian<br>
Go into the silk bore of Ou.Fix the fiery temper of Luo temperament king, pertinacity but kind envy.Sakya Mou<br>
Ni parlance says &quot;four read place&quot;, fix Luo's king the parlance say &quot;five read place&quot; also;Release<br>
Jia Mou Ni says &quot;37 articles&quot;s, fix Luo, Wang Pian, many one articles say again&quot;38</p>
<p>Way article&quot;.<br>

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&quot;Spring outing, year after year, people is dances pear. BaiJin no grain season sweet grace,<br />
Yushu Joan bract heaps of snow. The quiet night heavy, float the light AiAi, cold soak RongRong month. Earth day<br />
, lousy silver according to TongChe Sam.<br />
HunShi gushe real, and natural reigning beauty, are extremely jie. WanRui varies who believe<br />
Way, not with the same column qunfang. The HaoQi qing, a fairy to Luo zhuo, soils are difficult. yao<br />
A return, a party see absolutely. &quot;<br />
Do this a &quot;have no common read&quot; word, but south song dynasty a kung fu masters, there is<br />
And word. The name is the name place machine, way, changchun son, ranked the true seven<br />
One is that whole true teach of extraordinary characters. The word is &quot;comment on the word way:&quot; long<br />
Spring, the world of the immortals so-called also, but the word &quot;pull out so clear. The first word of pears to be read<br />
Flowers, in fact the meaning of the word is praise a clothed in white garments beauty to the girl, she said<br />
&quot;HunShi gushe real, and are extremely noble and pure natural reigning beauty,&quot; and said she &quot;HaoQi qing<br />
The English, the quest to Luo &quot;, &quot;not crowned with the same column&quot;. In the words of praise this beauty, but the tomb<br />
Send descendant xiao longnv. Her love life in white, really blows yushu wind, snow wrapped Joan<br />
Nigh, coupled with (ie together with) a deserted, the reality is it &quot;cold soak RongRong month&quot; describe to<br />
&quot;No common read&quot; with three characters, can be said is very appropriate. Changchun son qiu machine and her in the end<br />
South hill lived in, when a see, he wrote the first word.<br />
At this time the qiu machine died already for a long time, little dragon female has to marry with ShenDiao master Yang guo for<br />
His wife. In henan less room on the mountain, but otherwise a young girl is low to read<br />
Recite the words.


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